In this episode we sit down with WRDSMTH not too long after his recent move to East London from California. Although we’d been introduced previously and said hi a few times, this is the first time I’d met someone properly through the podcast.

I was really grateful for his willingness to come and record before any had been published and for his openness during our conversation.

We talk about acclimatising to the weather and the convenience of London’s proximity to Europe, before getting on to his fascinating career from published novelist and writer to world renowned street artist.

Through his trademark stencilled typewriter and pasted word interventions, WRDSMTH manages to communicate strong ideas and emotions with succinct visual language. This has led to his work resonating with the wider public and forging a close connection to a fanbase that transcends the street art world.

You can find out more about WRDSMTH on his instagram @wrdsmth

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