David Speed is co-founder the Graffiti Life agency with his business partners Iona Thomas and Adam Brazier. As well running a successful agency, David and Adam also hosts the hugely successful Creative Rebels Podcast.

Over the years of painting for a living, David’s spray can skills have elevated to a different level and this led to the creation of his neon portraiture style which he is now well known for.

We have had a friendly working relationship over the years and when I bumped into David painting in Shoreditch I mentioned I’d been considering podcasting. He was so supportive and encouraging and he was literally the catalyst for us to actually get around to starting this.

Sitting down with David, you can really understand how he’s become so successful in the creative world. He is full of wisdom from his years of experience and I’m really grateful that he shared it all with us here.

Recorded November 2021

You can find out more about David, Creative Rebels and Graffiti Life on these instagrams: @davidspeeduk @graffiti_life @rebelscreate

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